Shawnee-Evergreen Community Association Membership Benefits

When you become a member of SECA, you join a lively and vibrant community that cares about making our neighbourhoods the best place to live in Calgary. We organize events for kids and grown-ups, like Easter egg hunts, a Stampede breakfast, and monthly neighbour nights.  

  • Community Events: 
    • Stampede Breakfast
    • Community Clean Up
    • Community Campfires
    • Neighbour Nights
    • Parade of Garage Sales


Member households are entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting in September

Cardel Rec South provides a 10% program discount for SECA members (if registered before the registration deadline).


  • Member households are entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting in September

    Community and Associate Memberships

    50% off Membership!

    Become a member of the Shawnee-Evergreen Community Association

    Due to the pandemic, SECA had to cancel our annual door-to-door membership drive. We missed seeing you!  

    You can still become part of our vibrant and community! We are offering a one-time 50% discount for membership! You can now join SECA for just $10! Your membership is good until 30 April 2021 

    Membership fee revenue enables SECA to enrich your community life. Through our programs and events we are building a more neighbourly community.

    We’ve made it easy to join – just fill in this form! And there are three ways to pay:

    1. Drop off or mail a cheque to 1025 Shawnee Drive SW
    2. Send an e-transfer to
    3. Paypal – see link below

    There are two types of memberships:

    • Community Memberships are available to any resident who lives within the Shawnee and Evergreen Estates communities (see map on this page). A Community Member is eligible to take part in SECA events and has full voting rights at the annual general meeting.
    • Associate Memberships are available to any non-resident of the Shawnee and Evergreen Estates who would like to take part in SECA events, such as our Loose Parts Play events or our Outdoor Adventure series. 

    Community Memberships Expire April 30th each year.

    Pay Online

    Pay Membership Fee via PayPal or Credit Card

    Membership Form


    Shawnee and Evergreen Estates

    Community Association Boundaries

    If you live inside areas outlined on the map above you are eligible to be a Regular Member of Shawnee-Evergreen Community Association (SECA).

    Tip: If you live on a street with a name that contains EverGREEN or Shawnee or you are a resident of Beacon Hill condominiums – you can become a member! This includes Fish Creek Exchange, Shawnee Park, and Beacon Hill Condos.